Coding problems! and 5 ways I get over them.

I am having a problem!

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My problem

So I am having a problem with my code I am building an app on for my high school class. I am trying to take a list, put it into another list, and make that list organized alphabetically but it's not working and I haven’t found anyone else who has done something like this before. Well, I have but they were using a database of already created words. I want to create a list of random words that anyone can make and then organize it but no matter what I try it's not working and it's so frustrating how hard can a simple organization be of a list. I'll ask my teacher for help but I have no clue about this I have tried so many things and none of them work.

How I deal with problems like this

  1. I do something called rubber duckie talk or just start discussing your problem with a random object
  2. I ask a person in my life who knows some code or more code than I do
  3. I get a small group together to work on the project if I alone can’t do it
  4. Use Stackoverflow. It's a great resource for all your coding needs
  5. Find code that has similar use and modify it to work for you

These are the main 5 ways I try to deal with the problems like the one I am currently having until you have tried one you don’t know if it will work or not and if that one did not work try a different method. There are plenty of ways to help get you through a coding problem these are just some that I have come across in my small experience of coding and I am sure you will find better ways than the list I have provided for you the more you code.

I hope you all have a good day and keep creating my friends.

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