Problem With Biological AI!

Why a Human Brain would fail to make a good AI!

Meaning of biological AI

What I mean by biological AI is AI made by using organic materials that are artificially created the main part being a human brain. This would be an awesome concept but I'm going to tell you why it's flawed.

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Why is it flawed?

A Human brain being used as the main resource for a powerful AI would be a problem. The reason for this is the fact that the brain is organic. The brain is very soft and can be easily damaged or killed. Humans have a skull which is very hard in most spots apart from the temples located on the side of your head. This skull made of hard bone helps protect your brain from most hits to the head but even then that might not be enough hence why helmets were invented for extra protection when risk is higher.

So to even begin to create Ai out of an artificially created brain which is technically possible to grow. You would need to create a shell that can keep the brain alive and protect it from accidental hits that might occur.

Say you now have your container holding your brain. I should say this brain is not functioning it has no signals going to it. You would need electricity to activate these signals and it would have to be very precise on where these signals activate. The only way to do this would be by using something like Neuralink which has the technology to piecer the skull and brain with very small needles as thin or thinner than a hair.

Main Huge Problems!

Even with the things said above our brain isn’t able to function right because there is no code or signals being sent to this brain. One problem with coding a brain is that a brain is already programmed when a person is born and scientists and humans, in general, don’t fully understand how the brain is programmed and its true power of the brain. Also, the brain would probably have to programmed in binary and programmed to where each individual electrode knows what part of the brain is doing what at all times so an electric signal does not accidentally fire off in the wrong part of the brain causing a malfunction to whatever the brain is connected to.

The second huge problem would be cost. The research of this type of biological Ai would cost so much money it wouldn’t be worth it with current technological research and advancements. We are closer to quantum computing than we would be if we started this Biological AI research.

So when making an AI stick to using computer chips that we already know will work.


I hope you enjoyed this article on my thoughts on the concept of Biological AI or using a brain to power an AI most likely a humanoid AI like a Synth from Fallout 4.




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