Windows VS Mac the Pros and Cons

My opinion on Windows and Mac’s

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Windows computers:

For me windows computers are great I love them but that's because I know how to navigate them and how to get the files I need properly and all the right key binds to quickly get stuff done.

A major pro with windows is the gaming capabilities with almost every game being available to play on the system and being very gamer friendly in general with parts being easier to swap out adding more ram and better graphics cards.

A con though is that they kind of suck to work on doing things such as coding and stuff is a little more difficult since files are harder to find and navigate I still code on mine, but I learned that my mac is way easier to use.

pros: Great for gaming, and Great part swapping capabilities

cons: navigation, and work use

Photo by Wesson Wang on Unsplash

Mac computers:

Macs are wonderful for working I love using my mac mini for coding and digital art it's so simple to organize and find files and apps that I need.

One problem I have is that when I have down time, I can’t do any major gaming on it and if I need to upgrade parts I can't and I get that it's meant to be a working computer but if I want to render something big, I should be allowed to put in more ram without any hassle.

If you are gaming on a mac, I recommend simple games that are most likely 2d and single player.

Pros: Great for work, Great for file organization

Cons: poor part swapping compatibility, can’t really game on it.

I am not dissing either system I do have a preference for the things I want to do though so when I game, I use my windows computer and when I am working, I use my mac mini to code, make presentations and other things.


Have a great day!



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